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The Special Edition line has something to suit nearly any taste and features custom grips and special packaging.For making tin cans dance in the back yard, pinging steel, or controlling pests and varmints around the farm, nothing beats the low-cost, high-adrenaline thrill of a single-action rimfire... See Full Details


The Boxer 38 Special

by Charter Arms

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The responsibility of personal protection doesn’t have to weigh you down. Whether your work dictates that you carry lethal force or you carry a revolver for peace of mind — the Undercover Lite provides impressive stopping power while weighing a mere 16 oz. See Full Details


Smith & Wesson Model 642 no internal loclk

by Smith & Wesson 38 S&W SPECIAL +P

The Model 642 NO INTERNAL LOCK is our latest innovation of the historic Model 42 Centennial Airweight®, a lightweight aluminum alloy revolver with a fully concealed hammer. The Model 642 integrates the time-tested features of the original with modern advancements. • Lightweight alloy frame... See Full Details


Sale: $494.99

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